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Welcome to Traveling Texan Photography!

Back in the early 90's my father-in-law gave me his old Mamiya Sekor 35mm camera (thanks Dad!).  I started taking pictures with our motorcycle road racing club and have been taking pictures ever since.  I graduated from the Mamiya Sekor to a Nikon 6006 35mm and ended up becoming the club photographer traveling to multiple racetracks in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and even West Virginia; and I was even published in several magazines!  That's pretty much when my days as a professional photographer all started.  I also took pictures at other races for many classifications of cars (legends, dwarf, modified midgets, stock, bomber, etc.) on an oval dirt track, I was asked to do pictures for kids t-ball (what a blast that was!), and then pretty much whatever else I could find to take pictures of.  After a few years of mostly race photography we moved away to an area without racetracks so my interests changed to mountains, wildlife, landscapes, old barns, water, bridges and anything else that I thought might make a good picture.   I have since graduated to a digital Nikon D7000, which I LOVE.  Anyway, now we travel all over the United States for work, so I take pictures of the places we go and share them with our friends and family.  So many people have asked for me to send them pictures that I decided maybe I need to start a website and share them with everyone!  So, sit back, relax and enjoy traveling without ever leaving your computer! 

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